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The Sportsmanship I Basketball All-Star Game Committee is looking for nominations for the Sports Person of the Year in Western PA. The Sports Person of the Year Award will go to someone who has shown the ideas of sportsmanship throughout his or her career.

Nominations can be submitted to the Clarion County YMCA, attention Jesse Kelley, Director at or by mail to 499 Mayfield Road, Clarion, PA 16214. Please include the name of the person you are nominating and short letter explaining why you are nominating them. Letters for this year’s award will be accepted through March 1st.

The Sportsperson of the Year will be named at the annual YMCA Sportsmanship I District 9 boys’ and girls’ basketball All-Star games.

Previous winners of the Sports Person of the Year include Greg Heath, Aaron Straub, Larry Wiser, Dr. C. Ronald Galbreath, and many others.

History of Sportsmanship I All-Star Games and Sportsmanship in our Society

by Norbert Baschnagel

The “Sportsmanship I “ All Star Basketball Games were conceived and initiated in 2000 by Norbert Baschnagel, former Clarion University full professor in the Health and Physical Education Department. Under his direction, the objectives of “Sportsmanship I” were to recognize the outstanding seniors in the boys’ and girls’ Western Pennsylvania leagues and have them play one last game, raise money for the Clarion County YMCA, and present the Western Pennsylvania “Sportsmanship I” Sportsperson of the year award to the person who emphasizes the true meaning of sportsmanship in our society.

To date, 640 exceptional senior girl and senior boy basketball players, coached by 128 coaches and officiated by 96 officials have participated in this event. Players are selected by the executive committee of 11 members, 4 girl and boy coaches from the four District 9 leagues, and 2 officials from District 9. The executive committee also supervises the logistics of this event.

To date, approximately $118,000 in cash and product has been raised by the executive committee to benefit the Clarion County YMCA, Camp Coffman, and other nonprofit charities over the years including the Fitzgerald Ramp Fund and Clarion P.A.W.S.

Criteria for the Western Pennsylvania “Sportsmanship I “Sportsperson of the Year award:

Must demonstrate excellent consistency in the following character traits: sportsmanship, leadership, honesty, trust, integrity, empathy, self-control, mental toughness, courtesy, good manners, fairness, caring, respect and responsibility.

Must be a five-year resident of Western PA.

Must have completed five years as a player, coach, official, and/ or administrator.

Must have contributed five years of volunteer excellence in the community.

Must have two letters of recommendation.

Recent ” Sportsmanship I” Western PA Sportspersons of the Year winners include Norbert Baschnagel (2017), Dr. C. Ron Galbreath (2016), Aaron Straub (2015), Greg Heath (2014), Larry Wiser (2013), Frances Mae Shope (2012), Scott Lange (2011), Ronald A. Righter (2010), Jerome A. Bettis (2009), David “Red” Bevevino (2008), Jodi Gault (2007), Richard Pae (2006), Joseph Paterno(2005), Don Stemmerich(2004), Arnold Palmer(2003), John Joy (2002).

Please nominate someone for future “Sportsmanship I” Sportspersons of the year and send letter of recommendation to Clarion County YMCA in care of Director, Jesse Kelly.

The success of this event is guaranteed by the dedication of the Executive Committee, players, coaches, officials, media staff, athletic director, superintendent, administrative assistant, awards committee, games announcer, trainer, registration staff, concession staff, scorekeeper, photographer, ticket and program staff, program designer, 32 shooting staff, maintenance staff, national anthem vocalist, and Clarion University Circle “K” volunteer students.

Further, “Sportsmanship I” has been generously supported over the years by donations and sponsorships from community organizations such as Kiwanis, individuals, small businesses, and corporations who share in the desire to exemplify the boys and girls who embody the characteristics of good sportsmanship.

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