Staying active and involved is good for health and well-being.  Some insurance companies offer health and wellness benefits to ensure their members have access to healthy activities like swimming, basketball and walking by offering free YMCA Memberships.

Most Aetna Better Health of Pennsylvania and Aetna Better Health Kids plans provide health benefits and manage care for people enrolled in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Medical Assistance program (Medicaid) and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).  In most cases, this means the insurance plan pays for your YMCA Membership.

The Clarion County YMCA will assist with enrollment in the membership program.

It’s totally free.

Once enrolled, just meet the minimum number of visits required by Aetna Better Health and your membership is paid for one year.  You can re-enroll in subsequent years if you still carry the same insurance.

“This is a wonderful insurance benefit that people should take advantage of,” said Membership Coordinator April Dinger.

April Dinger administers the program for the YMCA and takes steps to ensure that members meet their requirements so they can gain a free YMCA membership.  She is available Monday through Friday to help those who want to learn more.

Many more options are available at the Clarion County YMCA since the opening of a new full-service YMCA in Clarion County in January. The YMCA now offers an indoor pool and walking track, a large gymnasium, a game room for kids, child watch services, a large wellness center, family locker rooms, and full-time child care services.  More programs are being offered at the new location.

Anyone wishing to learn more about a free YMCA Membership through Aetna Better Health can call Membership Coordinator April Dinger at 814-764-3400.  Enrollment paperwork is also available during regular hours at the Clarion County YMCA Member Service Desk.

*Please note, insurance cards must read, “Aetna Better Health” to qualify.

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